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               AMIRA   SUITE 

45 sqm / 484 sqft | Medina View | Living Room Area | Desk Area | En-suite Bathtub | Walk-in Closet

The Amira Suite is a 35 sq. meter tribute to Fez's rich heritage, featuring a king size bedroom, living room, office area, a panoramic view bathroom with a bathtub and a shower overlooking the magical Fez Medina, and a walking dressing room.

It boasts exquisite plaster craftsmanship, handmade tiles, and masterful woodcraft, providing an immersive cultural

experience. The 14th century restored sculpted door of the suite adds to the enchanting and timeless experience.

The Moroccan-inspired suite is luxurious and authentic, with every detail thoughtfully designed. The suite's chocolate brown color enhances the overall ambiance, exclusively for our guests who receive a VIP welcome.

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