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          MORJANA   SUITE 

45 sqm / 484 sqft | 180° Medina View | Living Room Area | Desk Area

The Morjana Suite is a 45 sq. meter tribute to Fez's rich heritage, featuring a king size bedroom with a 180° view of the Medina, living room, office area and a panoramic view bathroom. It boasts exquisite plaster craftsmanship, handmade tiles, and masterful woodcraft, providing an immersive cultural experience.

The unobstructed view of the Medina made possible by a wall entirely composed of windows adds to the enchanting and timeless experience.

The Moroccan-inspired suite is luxurious and authentic, with every detail thoughtfully designed. The suite's Rubi red color enhances the overall ambiance, exclusively for our guests who receive a VIP welcome.

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