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history of the Palace

tale woven from the threads of time, tells of three palaces that stood proud in the 14th century, each with its own fated path. A man of vision, Mr. Azzeddine Tazi, began the tale by acquiring the first palace, and soon acquired all neighboring houses and palaces, dreaming of a grand future.


In a moment of serendipity, the properties revealed their secrets, whispering of a time when they were one grand estate.

Seven centuries had passed, and the descendants of the original family had parted ways, yet the spirit of the estate remained, calling out to those with the courage to hear its call.

In a reversal of history's pattern, the descendants of Mr. Tazi chose to restore the estate to its former glory, honoring the legacy of the past while breathing new life into the present.

And so, the tale of 'Palais de Fés' continues, a timeless ode to the power of vision, faith, and the enduring spirit of a place.

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